"Winners Circle #1"

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WC #1 is a 42 page, black and white, photocopied zine featuring a wide variety of artwork from artists/friends all over the US and one awesome dude from Sweden.

**each copy comes with a 3" vinyl sticker w/ WINNERS CIRCLE artwork

Edition: 100
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Page Count: 42
Paper Stock: regular paper, man
Printed, assembled, and staple bound in Philadelphia, PA

Artwork by:
Alex Picard (NYC, NY)
Adam Fergurson (PHL, PA)
Daniel Hughes (PHL, PA)
Aidan Rich (NY)
Dan Haddigan (PHL, PA)
Ian McGuire (NY)
Axel Lidhall (STKHLM, SWDN)
Michael Olivo (OAKLAND, CA)
Josh Jones (PHL, PA)
Robb Leef (PHL, PA)
Courtney Brown (PHL, PA)
Bill Cannon / Evil Weevil Recs (PA)
Brad Haubrich (PHL, PA)
John F. Malta (KC, MO)
Thom Venier (SF, CA)
Kevin Wallace (PHL, PA)
Michael Hsiung (LA, CA)
Eric Kenney (PHL, PA)
Rob Decarolis (PHL, PA)
Daniel Fishel (NYC, NY)
Jeff Daniels (PHL, PA)
Univox (PHL, PA)
Dan Smith (PHL, PA)
Pat Aulisio (PHL, PA)
Mike Smith (PHL, PA)
Janette Chien (PHL, PA)