"Alien Workshop Memory Screen: What We Know So Far" by Logan Higbie, 2nd Edition

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Second Edition printing

"Alien Workshop Memory Screen: What We Know So Far" by Logan Higbie

On June, 14th 2014 Alien Workshop's first video "Memory Screen" was shown at the Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn to a packed house. After the viewing there was a very insightful Q&A moderated by Josh Stewart (of Static and Theories of Atlantis fame) that included questions directed at Chris Carter (AWS owner and founder) and Duane Pitre (OG Alien Workshop pro). Thankfully our good friend Logan Higbie was on hand to record and transcribe this question and answer session to make this zine. In addition to the transcription, we have also included supplementary quotes and info, an introduction written by Josh Stewart, and a full color insert. Thank you to Logan, AWS, Chris Carter, Mike Hill, Duane Pitre, Josh Stewart, Chromeball, and skateboarders everywhere.

Edition: 120
Size: 4.25"” x 11"
Page Count: 38
Paper Stock: yellow cover stock with bright yellow and white photo copy paper, also includes a full color insert!